Tasty Treat: How We Showed Fat to be the Sixth Taste

by Russell Keast
Russell Keast
The majority of Professor Russell Keast’s published research has focused on understanding how taste influences food choice /diet and he has consistently published in the top ranking journals of his field. Russell has been invited to write three book chapters on human chemical senses, and 1 book on salt. Russell has been invited to present 5 international keynote presentations and has presented 30+ invited lectures, and presented research papers at many national and international conferences and meetings. He currently manages a research group of 14 staff and students engaged in consumer, sensory and flavour science and lectures in the field of Sensory Science. Much of the CI’s research was directly supported by Government and Industry grants totalling over 1 million dollars including: NHMRC, NIH, Diabetes Australia, Firmenich SA, McCains Foods and Wm Wrigley Co. Prof Keast is (co-) author of more than 60 research papers that have been cited >1900 times.
on Apr 16, 2015

Humans are thought to be able to taste five qualities but technological advances combined with sophisticated research means we can now test for more subtle tastes we haven't known about.

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Chemical or Natural: What's the Best Way to Repel Mozzies?

by Cameron Webb
Cameron Webb
Dr Cameron Webb is a Clinical Lecturer with the University of Sydney and Principal Hospital Scientist with the Department of Medical Entomology at Pathology West - ICPMR Westmead (Westmead Hospital). Cameron's primary focus is understanding the role of environmental management and urban development in reducing the risks of mosquito-borne disease caused by Murray Valley encephalitis virus, Ross River virus and Barmah Forest virus. However, he has also been called on to provide expert advice on a range of medically important arthropods, such as ticks, mites, biting midges, bed bugs and flies, to local, state and federal government agencies. Key to his research is an understanding of the ecological role of mosquitoes and how wetland conservation, construction and rehabilitation projects may influence regional mosquito-borne disease risk together with changes in the local environment resulting from climate change, potential introductions of exotic mosquito species and personal protection strategies (e.g. insect repellents). In his position with the University of Sydney, Cameron regularly provides lectures in a range of undergraduate and post graduate courses and has supervised a number of research students including collaborative projects with the University of Western Sydney, the Australian Catholic University and the University of South Australia.
on Apr 14, 2015

Mosquitoes need blood to survive. And what better place to get a good meal than a slow, tasty human.

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Fathers With Mental Illness Deserve Better than Stigma

by Rhys Price-Robertson and
Rhys Price-Robertson
Rhys Price-Robertson is a PhD candidate at Monash University, where he is investigating the experiences of families affected by paternal mental illness. His most recent published research has focused on fatherhood, family relationships, masculinities, and child protection. Previously he worked as a researcher at the Australian Institute of Family Studies, and as a nurse in the aged care and mental health sectors. While completing a Masters of Bioethics at Monash University he was awarded the Monash-WHO Bioethics Fellowship, which saw him work as an intern in the Ethics and Health Department of the World Health Organization in Geneva.
Andrea Reupert
Andrea Reupert
My research area is mental health. More specifically, I research the impact of parental mental illness on children and family life. My endeavours result from my belief that mental illness is a family matter and we can intervene to impede the transmission of mental illness from parents to children.
on Mar 27, 2015

Where there is mental illness, there's almost invariably social disapproval and discrimination. And a report released by the Australian Institute of Family Studies today shows fathers with mental illness can face unique hardships.

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Explainer: What is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome?

by Roger Hart
Roger Hart
Professor of Reproductive Medicine at University of Western Australia
on Mar 26, 2015

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal condition that disrupts ovulation and the menstrual cycle. It's the most common female hormonal condition, affecting roughly one in 12 Australian women.

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Explainer: What is Insomnia and What Can You Do About It?

by Hailey Meaklim,
Hailey Meaklim
Provisional Psychologist at Swinburne University of Technology
Jo Abbott and
Jo Abbott
Research Fellow / Health Psychologist at Swinburne University of Technology
Imogen Rehm
Imogen Rehm
PhD Candidate at Swinburne University of Technology
on Mar 24, 2015

We all have a poor night's sleep from time to time: those nights when you lie awake for hours trying desperately to go to sleep but can't stop worrying about tomorrow. Or when you repeatedly wake up throughout the night, or can't get back to sleep in the early hours of the morning.

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