Asthma, Allergies, and Anaphylaxis Conference


Allergies, asthma, and anaphylaxis are not only prevalent concerns in our community but can also be life-threatening. Australian researchers and health professionals are driving significant research, which is leading to significant changes in treatment and management. No matter what area of nursing you are working in, your patients or clients will likely be affected by one of these conditions, so why not offer them the latest in evidence-based education and management? Attend this conference and discover:

  • Allergies – diagnosis, management and new advances
  • Anaphylaxis – recognising the early signs, and using auto-injectors
  • Asthma – new research, diagnosis, and evidence-based treatment
  • Patient education focus – empowering people to improve their own outcomes
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Asthma, Allergies, and Anaphylaxis Conference - Brisbane 2019
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The Goal

Need for Program

There is a plethora of new evidence relating to allergies, asthma, and anaphylaxis and their diagnosis and management, and it is difficult to understand how to apply the new research to your practice. This topic reflects a group of potentially life-threatening and serious conditions that are the subject of intensive research, which is both ground-breaking and game-changing. There are opportunities to change your practice to improve your patient and carer education and, ultimately, to ensure best outcomes.

Purpose of Program

The purpose of this program is to increase your knowledge about these significant and potentially life-threatening conditions and update you on the latest evidence.

Your learning outcomes:

Improved understanding of allergies, asthma, and anaphylaxis and their associated management
Knowledge of the latest research, findings, and recommendations for your practice and the ability to translate it into improved practice
The ability to align your management of emergencies in relation to asthma and anaphylaxis with best practice
The ability to educate patients, carers, and colleagues in line with the latest evidence to ensure best outcomes


Asthma, Allergies, and Anaphylaxis Conference



Asthma, Allergies, and Anaphylaxis Conference
11 Hours | 0 Mins



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