The use of alcohol in Australia is often considered to be part of this country’s traditional identity. However, its use, even occasionally, is now associated with more diseases than ever before. No matter where a nurse works, it is likely he or she will be required to care for people who have diseases linked to alcohol. Attend this conference on how drinking damages the body and the positive impact that nurses can have in educating people about the facts. Topics include:

  • Dangerous interactions between alcohol and medications
  • Is zero tolerance with alcohol during pregnancy the only option?
  • How is diabetes affected by alcohol?
  • Staying safe around aggressive and intoxicated people
  • Tips for patient education about alcoholic liver disease
  • Why alcohol is linked to high blood pressure, breast cancer and osteoporosis
  • How to best communicate with someone about their unhealthy drinking habits
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Diseases Caused by Alcohol Conference



Diseases Caused by Alcohol Conference
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