Nurse Practitioners - Pharmacology and Prescribing Conference

An Essential Update


There are now more than 1,600 nurse practitioners Australia-wide. As prescribers, it is necessary to ensure currency of knowledge in regard to correct prescribing and the appropriate use of medicines. This highly evaluated conference program includes:

  • Latest evidence and changes to recommendations in relation to commonly prescribed medicines
  • Content expert sessions on prescribing in challenging situations
  • Refreshers on key pharmacology principles
  • Hear from Nurse Practitioners, Medical Practitioners and Pharmacists …
  • Breakout rooms and essential networking opportunities with colleagues from across Australia

Attend this conference, which is specifically designed to improve your patient outcomes.

Nurse Practitioners – Pharmacology and Prescribing Conference - Sydney 2019
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Day One

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The Goal

Need for Program

Nurse Practitioners are authorised to prescribe a wide range of medicines. As a professional group, it is challenging to access quality education that addresses their needs in relation to latest updates and the myriad of changes to the evidence base, refreshing basic prescribing knowledge, and gaining new knowledge to support their individual scope of practice. Nurse Practitioners are also required to access 10 hours of advanced practice education, including prescribing, each year. The sheer amount of new evidence relating to medicines today can make it difficult for all prescribers to adequately stay informed. Therapeutic decisions must be based on advanced assessment and, evaluation of the patient circumstances, consideration of concurrent therapies, and should also maximise opportunities for deprescribing. Prescribing demands high level knowledge and skills relating to pharmacotherapeutic action including potential adverse and other side effects, drug interactions, compliance and evaluation.

Purpose of Program

The purpose of this program is to increase your advanced practice knowledge regarding prescribing and administration of medicines.

Your learning outcomes:

Clinical decision making relating to prescribing medicines will reflect the latest evidence
Adverse effects of medicines including unwanted side effects will be prevented, identified and reduced
Patients in your care will experience the highest level of health care, and the best possible outcomes
Medicines will be prescribed and care delivered within the Australian legal framework


Nurse Practitioners - Pharmacology and Prescribing Conference



Nurse Practitioners - Pharmacology and Prescribing Conference
11 Hours | 0 Mins



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