Pathological Behaviours in the Workplace Conference

2 day conference for all nurses


Pathological behaviours are complex and can have devastating consequences if left unrecognised and unmanaged. This conference will enable you to consider practical solutions to this persistent area of stress and conflict. Topics include:

  • Destructive leadership – when toxic behaviours originate at the top…
  • Bullying as a pathological behaviour
  • Why pathological people "get under your skin"
  • Tips on “calling out” manipulative behaviours
  • Building awareness, trust, and resilience
  • The power of positive psychology and much, much more…

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Pathological Behaviours in the Workplace - Brisbane 2019
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Day One

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Day Two

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The Goal

Need for Program

Pathological behaviours are the subject of endless discussions in the workplace. The term is used to explain a raft of bad behaviours, including lying, manipulation, and exploitation. Understanding their implications will assist those who are at the receiving end and those who may not have identified these behaviours within themselves. In addition, it will ensure that workplace productivity and patient outcomes are not undermined by petulant and self-serving attitudes.

Purpose of Program

The purpose of this conference is for nurses and midwives to be able to identify and understand destructive interpersonal and organisational relationships that adversely affect them and their patients in the workplace, as well as considering strategies to overcome such pathological behaviours.

Your learning outcomes:

Use emotional intelligence to identify and respond effectively to pathological behaviours in the workplace
Minimise the impact of highly destructive behaviours of others on the self through enhanced personal resilience
Establish clear personal boundaries and maintain them to diminish the effect of manipulative behaviours
Initiate a positive, patient-centred culture that decreases the impact of self-serving behaviours on workplace productivity


Pathological Behaviours in the Workplace Conference



Pathological Behaviours in the Workplace Conference
11 Hours | 0 Mins



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