Perth Mental Health Conference

An Essential 2 Day Update for All Nurses and Midwives


Do you work in a hospital, in primary care, or in the community? Do you regularly care for people with a concurrent mental illness? Even if you are highly experienced in your speciality, are you confident in your knowledge of common mental health conditions? Many people who suffer from a mental illness will be admitted into a hospital or will enter a primary care clinic. Attend this conference to better understand:

  • Mythbusting borderline personality disorder
  • When trauma lingers – a look at PTSD
  • The unsavoury effects of antipsychotic medications
  • Your practical guide to taking a drug and alcohol history
  • How to reduce your level of unconscious bias
  • Calling time on wine o'clock and much, much more…

Perth Mental Health Conference 2019
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Day One

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Day Two

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The Goal

Need for Program

People who enter a general healthcare setting with a physical health complication and have a concurrent mental illness must receive comprehensive care. The ability of nurses and other health professionals to provide holistic health care to all people with a co-existing mental illness is highly dependent on a sound knowledge base. There is a timely need for an evidence-based update on a range of common mental health disorders and conditions so that health professionals are better positioned and informed to support a person with a mental illness.

Purpose of Program

To provide nurses and other health professionals who work across a range of general healthcare settings with a comprehensive update on common mental illnesses so as to improve a person’s health outcomes.

Your learning outcomes:

Give a trauma-informed approach to people in your care who have a concurrent mental illness
Improve your understanding of mental illness to result in greater patient satisfaction in general healthcare environments
Provide a feeling of safety and security to people hospitalised with a physical health complication who have a concurrent mental illness as a result of practical techniques being employed
Establish clear personal boundaries and maintain them to promote a strong, safe therapeutic alliance


Perth Mental Health Conference



Perth Mental Health Conference
11 Hours | 0 Mins



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