Teenage Boys: Promoting Health Conference


In modern society teenage boys have to deal with increasingly complex life situations which may have a profound impact on their health and wellbeing. This conference will assist you to make sense of some of the challenges that you encounter in your professional practice when working with this group of adolescents. Topics include:

  • Inside the mind of a teenage boy
  • Body image in teenage boys: seeking perfection?
  • LGBTI adolescent boys’ experience of primary health care
  • What constitutes risky sexual behaviours in teenage boys and how can nurses promote safe practices?
  • What are the psychological and physical effects of family violence and how can professionals respond to this?
  • What is a juvenile psychopath - and what are the implications of such a condition?
  • How does sport promote wellbeing and are some sports more effective than others?

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Teenage Boys: Promoting Health Conference



Teenage Boys: Promoting Health Conference
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