The Immune System, Inflammation, and Cancer Conference


Why is it that our highly crafted immune system, which forms a defensive shield to protect our body and fight infections, can switch and become destructive? The answer may lie in inflammation. As research uncovers new links between the immune system, inflammation, and diseases, such as cancer, it’s essential that we, as health professionals, remain up-to-date on advances in modern medicine. Book your place at this conference and discuss:

  • Why uncontrolled inflammation is a cause for concern
  • Whether inflammation is linked to depression
  • Digging up the dirt on being clean – appraising the hygiene hypothesis
  • The ABCs of biomarkers, biosimilars, and biological agents
  • CAR T-cells – driving changes in cancer treatment
  • Rethinking the critically ill patient with cancer and much, much more …

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The Immune System, Inflammation, and Cancer Conference



The Immune System, Inflammation, and Cancer Conference
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