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Why do I need to plan my CPD?

Planning your CPD helps you focus on the areas of your practice that need it most. It's also a requirement of the NMBA. If you're audited, you'll need to show a learning plan with your documented CPD.

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How do I write a learning plan?

Your learning plan needs to include an outline of your context of practice, an assessment of your practice against the competency framework(s), and your specific learning needs. The CPD Organiser will walk you through the whole process.

What's my context of practice?

The CPD Organiser includes a tool that helps you define and understand your context of practice.

Feel good about your achievements

It feels good to learn new things. The CPD Organiser helps track your progress and review everything you've done. See what you did - and how long you spent doing it. Get an overview of your learning and a sense of exactly what you've achieved completing your CPD.

Identifying learning needs

Once you understand your context of practice, you'll need to identify some learning needs. You can add these straight in to the CPD Organiser.

Save time - keep it simple

The CPD Organiser is a comprehensive CPD solution.
Don't waste time documenting your CPD any other way. It's reliable, safe, simple and free.

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