Report CPD with simplicity

It's much simpler with the CPD Organiser.

How do I get a report of my CPD?

Normally you would have to find and collate all of your CPD documentation and evidence for the past few years. If you've been using the CPD Organiser, all you need to do is click a button.

As you plan, document and evaluate your CPD, the in-built reporting tool puts the information you enter together and stores it safely. You can then get a report (as a printable PDF document) whenever you need one.

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What if I'm audited?

If you're not using the CPD Organiser, you'll probably have to find and collate all of your CPD documentation and evidence from the past few years into a report. If you have been using the CPD Organiser - it will generate a report for you to give to the auditor.

Never lose a thing

You spend hours documenting your CPD every year - but if you lose a certificate, or spill coffee on your documentation, you could find yourself in a bit of trouble. Why bother with all that stress? The CPD Organiser is accident proof, spill proof and "it's lost" proof.

Stored securely in the cloud

So you documented your CPD and saved the file to your computer? That's smart, but what happens if your hard drive crashes? What if your computer gets stolen? All your documentation, gone. Forever. The CPD Organiser stores everything in the cloud - which means it's safe from acts beyond your control.

Beyond the NMBA standards

The report generated by the CPD Organiser is divided in to sections along the lines of the NMBA's audit framework. Because of the CPD Organiser's thorough and extensive approach to CPD management, your report will make passing an audit a breeze.

Why do things the hard way?

Spend less time on paperwork and get more out of your CPD.
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