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Samuel Eddy


As an executive coach and wellbeing trainer, Samuel Eddy helps organisations and individuals manage stress and anxiety, tap into creativity and innovation, and make positive changes in culture, career, business, wellbeing, and work/life balance. Recently, he has helped organisations manage stress and anxiety in the workplace, implement resilience training, forge more meaningful career paths for employees, and create working environments where creativity and innovation can flourish. He also regularly runs workplace wellness, wellbeing and mental health resilience training. For 15 years, he worked as a senior marketing executive in banking and financial services throughout Australasia and Europe, in both large established banks and more recently tech start-up organisations, delivering disruptive digital and mobile technology to consumers. He completed a Masters of Science (Psychology) at the University of East London and for several years worked as a volunteer counsellor with people who suffered from panic, anxiety, and related disorders.


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Disarm Stress at Work to Reduce Toxic Behaviour