Digital Health: Mental Health Apps

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Lecture Overview

A significant proportion of people with mental illness do not access any treatment due to several barriers. In this lecture, Dr Simon D'Alfonso explains how mental health apps have the ability to overcome these barriers to treatment and complement mental health care. Watch this lecture to gain an understanding of how mental health apps work to help with a mental health condition and how to evaluate these apps to suit each individual.


Portrait of Simon D'Alfonso
Simon D'Alfonso

Dr Simon D'Alfonso is a research fellow in the School of Computing and Information Systems at the University of Melbourne (CIS), with areas of interest including digital mental health, cyberpsychology and digital wellbeing. He is also head of computing at eOrygen, the digital mental health division of the Orygen youth mental health institute. Since 2013 Dr D'Alfonso has been involved as lead developer in the Moderated Online Social Therapy (MOST) project, which has pioneered the use of online social media and networking in digital mental health interventions. He is also spearheading development of a new 'pocket therapist' app, which will deliver personalised real-time therapy recommendations based on an individual's context and behaviour, as inferred from their smartphone usage, sensor data and momentary questionnaires. See Educator Profile

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First Published15 December 2019
Updated15 December 2019
17 December 2021
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