Hypoglycaemia Hypervigilance


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Lecture Overview

In this concise lecture, Sandra Crook summarises the dangers associated with hypoglycaemia. This adverse event can cause serious harm to people with diabetes. All healthcare professionals must know how to recognise and respond to a person with hypoglycaemia.


Portrait of Sandra Crook
Sandra Crook

Sandra Crook is a Nurse Practitioner for Chronic disease/ Diabetes. She has a Master's in Public health and a Master's in Nursing Sciences. Sandra began her nursing career 39 years ago at St Vincent's Hospital in Melbourne and has worked in many different countries over the world. She is also a midwife and has spent the last 20 years here in Townsville working in Diabetes. Her interests and specialities lie in Indigenous Health, Gestational and Paediatric Diabetes. See Educator Profile

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First Published10 September 2019
Updated10 September 2019
28 July 2020
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