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This informative talk by Credentialed Diabetes Educator Evelyn Boyce will serve as a much-needed refresher on the pathophysiology of diabetes, as well as bring you up-to-speed on the latest management and recommended guidelines to treat both hyperglycaemia and hypoglycaemia. A well-paced, back-to-basics presentation.


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Evelyn Boyce

Evelyn Boyce is a Credentialed Diabetes Educator, RN Div 1. She has been working in Diabetes Education for the last 7 years. She currently works as a CDE in Community Health at NRCH, and in private practice with various GP clinics. She is passionate about health promotion and diabetes education. Evelyn has been involved in Nursing education for over 15 years, previously part of the academic staff, lecturing at Latrobe University, ACU and hase also taught into the post graduate Diabetes education Course at Mayfield, and the Div 2 course. See Educator Profile


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Sue Mortimer-Stent
14 Jun 2019

suitable for nurses managing underlying causes of poor wound healing in diabetics.

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Lisa Millar
10 Jun 2019


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Lynne Longden
31 May 2019

I found the video on the management of diabetes very informative and was easy to follow and understand - The use of diagrams assisted me

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Catherine Wilkes
29 May 2019

A good over view of both type 1 & 2 diabetes. Signs and symptoms of highs and lows, and management of both. Management of the unwell patient.

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Elizabeth Taylor
28 May 2019

Great basic oversight.

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Catherine Marian Bulger
26 May 2019

Easy to understand, very informative lecture.

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rochelle mcbryde
26 May 2019

An easy to listen to and well presented lecture

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Susan Roger
23 May 2019

Talk was given clearly with information conveyed well.

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Ann Simpson
20 May 2019

Good presentation that covered basic diabetic interpretation and education information as well as indicating follow up treatments and possible complications.

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Andrew Shepherd
19 May 2019

An excellent and concise resource which was very informative as well as reinforcing knowledge I already had.

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Updated28 June 2017
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