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Ventilation and perfusion: two different but equally as important concepts involved in assessing respiratory function. Would you know how to differentiate between these functions? This easy-to-understand overview will fill you with confidence for when you next perform a respiratory assessment on your patient.


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Renee Di Giuseppe

Renee Di Giuseppe is a registered nurse: critical care who holds a master of health science (critical care). She works in the intensive care unit of a large public hospital in Melbourne. Renee has a great passion for nursing and enjoys presenting regularly for Ausmed Education. Renee holds valuable experience as a clinical teacher for undergraduate nursing students and has extensive experience as an ANUM, an acting NUM within the intensive care unit. See Educator Profile


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Paul Drummond
07 May 2019

Although brief, I found usable information that is applicable towards my practice. Also, I had some things guide me towards looking up other information to learn more on my own.

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Zoe Robins
24 Apr 2019

Excellent learning resource!

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Shelley Martin
11 Apr 2019

Very informative

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Trevor Lowe
03 Mar 2019

Nice and simple however it would be worthwhile getting the entire talk as it is obvious that this was part of a presentation

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Clare Nash
11 Feb 2019

Good review

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Sabrina Payne
31 Oct 2018

Very informative

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Wendy Tattam
12 Jun 2018

Good explanation and I like the fact that 'the basics' were highlighted.

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Wilma Barnes
23 May 2018

Learnt a lot

Portrait of Kerry Mac
Kerry Mac
22 Apr 2018

I just wish there was more, its obvious she kept talking why were we cut short

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Kelly Bidlake
19 Apr 2018

Great info