Coeliac Disease - A Conference for Nurses

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Why Attend

Coeliac disease is often talked about but poorly understood. Although it has been present for hundreds of years, research has only begun to expose the complexities of this disease. Coeliac disease is now a growing area of interest, but has increased awareness equated to better care? Do people experience an unfair stigma due to ignorance of this often misunderstood condition? This timely conference offers you an opportunity to gain formal CPD education about coeliac disease. Includes:

  • Why is gluten such a cause for concern?
  • Can gluten be removed from the diet before a formal diagnosis of coeliac disease is made?
  • What are the clinical signs of this multi-system disease?
  • What are potential complications?
  • Why is a strict gluten-free diet the key to successful treatment?
  • What impact can it have on mental health?
  • How can nurses promote health and improve patient outcomes?
  • Practical tips for living with a gluten-free diet, including how to read food labels
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