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Medicinal Cannabis Conference for Healthcare Professionals

A Conference for Health Professionals

Medicinal Cannabis Conference for Healthcare Professionals - Melbourne 2020


25 - 26 Jun 2020
Oaks On Collins ,
480 Collins St

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Why Attend

Though medicinal cannabis is legal in some Australian states, it is still a conscientious topic amongst healthcare professionals. Attend this conference to find out more, including how to separate the myths from the facts. It includes:

  • What is the difference between medicinal and illicit cannabis?
  • How does cannabis affect a person’s body and brain?
  • What are its therapeutic uses?
  • What are the latest updates in medicinal cannabis research?
  • Legal, ethical, and clinical considerations for health professionals and much, much more…

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The Goal

Need for Program

Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is a contentious topic. Although it is the most widely used illicit drug in Australia, it is known to have therapeutic indications for use in specific health circumstances. For this reason, medicinal cannabis is now legislated for use in certain jurisdictions. However, knowledge of the effects of marijuana remains somewhat elusive. There is a need for education that explains the currently known pharmacological effects of medical cannabis and the implications for certain therapeutic situations.

Purpose of Program

The purpose of this program is to understand the use of medicinal cannabis in modern society, how the drug works from a pharmacological perspective and how this affects the provision of patient care.

Your learning outcomes:

Be able to explain to people the properties of cannabis and its short and long-term effects on the body and brain
Understand the legal ramifications and potential social consequences of using cannabis
Appraise evidence on the potential therapeutic use of cannabis
Create therapeutic environments for people who have concerns regarding their use of cannabis


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25 - 26 Jun 2020


Oaks On Collins
480 Collins St
Melbourne VIC,3000


$759.00 (two days)
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