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Nowra Nurses' Conference

2 Days - Learn Locally with Ausmed

Nowra Nurses' Conference 2019


14 - 15 Nov 2019
Shoalhaven Ex-servicemen’s Sports Club,
131 Greenwell Point Rd

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Why Attend

Ausmed believes it is essential that nurses living in the Nowra region have access to effective and engaging CPD on an annual basis. We look forward to receiving your support to ensure that this Local Nurses’ Conference is brought to Nowra every November. Book your place at this year’s event and:

  • Gain new knowledge for contemporary practice
  • Network, share experiences, and connect with like-minded colleagues
  • Help meet your CPD requirements
  • Enrich your professional practice and personal growth
  • Improve health outcomes specific to your local community and much, much more…

We recognise that attending a conference requires planning and the support of your organisation. See below to find out how you can gain support to attend this event.

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Day One

8:30 Registration for Day One


Welcome and Introduction

Mike Smith

The Mental Health Journey: Acute Episode to Diagnosis to, For Some, Long-Term Mental Illness

Mental illness can be complex and, at times, unpredictable. Its prevalence and level of severity depend on an individual’s past experiences, genetic makeup, access to treatment, and support and education. This session will look into acute and long-term mental illness and how they differ. Topics include:

  • How should we view recovery?
  • Why is “hope for recovery“ so important for every person living with a mental illness?
  • What is the difference between acute and long-term mental illness?
  • How prevalent is acute versus long-term mental illness?
10:30 Morning Tea

Mike Smith

Why All Wounds Are Not Visible – A Trauma-Informed Approach

The origins of trauma-informed care stem from a large study that investigated the correlation between adverse childhood events (ACE) and long-term health problems later in life. Understanding the impact of adverse childhood events and cumulative stressors later in life is essential if we are to create a safe environment that promotes resilience and enables healing for clients. This session explores:

  • How do adverse childhood events increase the risk of long-term health complications?
  • What are the effects of chronic stress and trauma in adults?
  • What is the role of trauma-informed care?
  • How can nurses incorporate a trauma-informed approach to their care of older adults?
Mike Smith

Not Just a Bit Down – Depression and Its Debilitating Effects

Depression is a disorder that affects many people in Australia. It is an illness that can be debilitating to the person and their carers, as well as a challenge to treat. This session will look at:

  • The difference between normal ups and downs and clinical depression
  • Risk factors for depression: from genetics to circumstances to lifestyle and why all are important
  • Treatment options for depression: there’s more to it than just medication
  • Communication skills that are helpful when interacting with someone who experiences depression: why patience, compassion, and empathy are so important
12:30 Lunch and Networking

Andrew Barker

Death by Prescription? Opioid Overdose

Because of the action of these substances and capacity for respiratory depression, prescription opioids are being implicated in a large and increasingly rising number of fatal accidental overdoses. The prevalence of these demands that nurses are well informed about the following:

  • Are pinpoint pupils always a reliable sign of opioid overdose?
  • How do we assess and recognise opioid overdose?
  • Management of respiration and other considerations for nurses
  • Guidelines for the administration of naloxone including different routes
  • Preventing opioid overdose - safe practises and a look at harm minimisation
2:45 Afternoon Tea

Andrew Barker

The Clinical Nurse Detective – Methotrexate Toxicity

The potential for harm with any medication is a constant concern regardless of the administered drug. Methotrexate raises particular interest due to its potential to cause adverse outcomes. This session will look at methotrexate toxicity and a relevant case study regarding medication safety. This includes:

  • What are the pharmacokinetics of methotrexate?
  • What adverse reactions can occur?
  • How does toxicity present?
  • Can toxicity be reversed?
4:00 Close of Day One of Conference

Day Two

9:00 Commencement of Day Two


Welcome and Review

Debbie Blanchfield

Bringing Wounds to Light

Staying up-to-date with wound prevention and management to help reduce the impact of chronic wounds is constantly identified as a priority of care for older adults. This session will look at managing the wound by combining the latest standards with best practice. It includes:

  • What strategies can be used to prevent pressure injury?
  • How do you know it's a pressure injury?
  • Managing pressure injuries – what are the appropriate interventions?
  • How can you select appropriate dressings?
Debbie Blanchfield

Chronic Wounds: Factors Affecting Chronic Wound Healing

Chronic wounds are often debilitating and can severely impact a person’s quality of life. Chronic wounds that linger can be challenging and frustrating, particularly for the person. This session will look at the evidence for managing a chronic wound when difficult healing circumstances exist. Topics include:

  • Which wounds are known to be chronic in nature?
  • What causes prolonged healing in a chronic wound?
  • How do you choose the most suitable dressing for a chronic wound?
  • Are there alternative ways to improve wound healing?
10:45 Morning Tea

Sharon Wall

Out with the Old, In with the New – Hot Topics in Aged Care

Due to a vast increase in literature, it can often be difficult to keep up-to-date with new research. Yet, being informed by current evidence is essential if we are to comprehensively care for older adults. As such, this session will review recent literature and the hot topics most relevant to the older adult. It includes:

  • What are the key pieces of new evidence on older adults?
  • Is their new medication updates we need to be aware of?
  • Are certain practices now considered out of date?
Sharon Wall

Back to Basics – Caring for People with Cognitive Impairment

While cognitive decline is not guaranteed to occur during the ageing process, it is presenting more frequently in older adults. This session will look at the care needs of an older adult with cognitive impairment. It includes:

  • How does cognitive decline present in older adults?
  • Do some conditions cause cognitive decline to present differently?
  • How do you care for an older adult with cognitive decline?
12:45 Lunch and Networking

Mike Smith

More Than Just “Stressed” – Understanding Anxiety

Often, a degree of anxiety is beneficial to keep us safe and motivated. At one point or another most of us are likely to experience some level of anxiety. However, when consumed by it, it can quickly become debilitating and life-altering. This session will review these common mental health conditions. Topics include:

  • What is stress and how is it beneficial?
  • How does anxiety differ from stress?
  • Anxiety vs anxiety disorder – what are the key differences?
  • How can we manage stress and normal anxiety?
2:45 Afternoon Tea

Mike Smith

Going Home Happy – Not Taking “It” Personally

Too often people in the workplace experience negative emotions as a result of incivility. This, clearly, can be destructive and lead to disengaged workplaces where no one benefits. Establishing and maintaining clear personal boundaries has proven to be an effective strategy for dealing with unpredictable and unstable behaviours of others, including other staff. This session highlights:

  • How can personal boundaries protect you?
  • How can you build and maintain boundaries you are comfortable with?
  • What do you do when your boundaries are challenged?
4:00 Close of Conference and Evaluations

The Goal

Need for Program

Engaging in CPD is essential for all health professionals to maintain, improve, and broaden their knowledge, skills, and practice. CPD assists health professionals to stay up-to-date with changes in clinical practice and emerging new evidence in order to enhance their patient outcomes. It is also a professional registration requirement. There is a need for formal CPD to be provided directly to regional Australian nurses, midwives, and other health professionals who may not otherwise be able to access engaging and effective continuing education.

Purpose of Program

The purpose of Ausmed’s local nurses’ conferences is to provide health professionals who work in regional Australia with current knowledge about a range of professional and clinical practice topics that will improve the provision of holistic care.

Your learning outcomes:

People with health risks will receive preventative care and education to avoid illness
Better patient outcomes will be achieved through the application of up-to-date knowledge related to specific interventions
Interprofessional collaboration will be optimised to enhance patient outcomes
Patient outcomes will be underpinned by evidence-based practice, recognised standards, and guidelines


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Mike Smith

Mike Smith has been a mental health nurse for 20 years and has master's degree in public health and ... Read More

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Debbie Blanchfield

Debbie Blanchfield is currently clinical nurse consultant: wound care for Illawarra Shoalhaven Local... Read More

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Sharon Wall

Sharon Wall is currently the director of Ageing by Caring Pty Ltd and has qualifications that includ... Read More

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Andrew Barker

Andrew Barker has been a registered pharmacist for 27 years and has been accredited to undertake med... Read More


14 - 15 Nov 2019


Shoalhaven Ex-servicemen’s Sports Club
131 Greenwell Point Rd
Worrigee NSW,2540


$610.00 (two days)
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