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Nurse Practitioners – Prescribing and Practice Conference

An Essential Update

Nurse Practitioners - Prescribing and Practice Conference - Brisbane 2020


26 - 27 Mar 2020
Venue TBA, Brisbane,

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Why Attend

If you are a Nurse Practitioner or are planning to become one, keeping your expanded practice up-to-date is essential. Attend this conference and learn about the latest trends influencing prescribing and practice. It includes:

  • How to ensure your prescribing practices are grounded in risk management
  • Pain management and de-prescribing
  • An update on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS)
  • Safe prescribing of medicines used for mental health and addiction
  • An update on immunisations
  • The pharmacological profile of cannabis
  • Over-the-counter medicines and overdosing
  • Acne medicines – when and what to prescribe
  • Breakout rooms, essential networking opportunities, and much, much more…

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Day One

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The Goal

Need for Program

Nurse Practitioners are authorised to prescribe a wide range of medicines. This demands a high-level of knowledge and skills relating to pharmacotherapeutic action, including potential adverse and other side effects, drug interactions, compliance, and evaluation. Therapeutic decisions must be based on evidenced knowledge about medical conditions. Nurse Practitioners are required to access 30 hours of education per year, including 10 hours relating to their advanced practice and prescribing. The sheer amount of new evidence about medicines today makes it essential for prescribers to stay adequately informed.

Purpose of Program

The purpose of this program is for Nurse Practitioners or Advanced Practice Nurses to increase knowledge and keep up-to-date about prescribing, the administration of medicines, and professional practice.

Your learning outcomes:

Reflect upon interprofessional relationships, practices, and experiences to provide the best holistic care to people
Reflect the latest evidence in your clinical decision-making relating to prescribing medicines
Prescribe medicines within the Australian legal framework to prevent adverse effects and unwanted side effects
Evaluate possible changes to your current prescribing practice and understand how to overcome the barriers to achieving necessary changes


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26 - 27 Mar 2020


Venue TBA, Brisbane
Brisbane QLD,--


$759.00 (two days)
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