22 Oct 2021

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Why Attend

If you are a Nurse Practitioner or are planning to become one, keeping your expanded practice up-to-date is essential. Attend this conference and learn about the latest trends influencing prescribing and practice. It includes:

  • How to find credible medicines and prescribing information (quickly)
  • Diabetes, asthma and gout – 2020 updates
  • Deprescribing long-term medicines (including PPIs)
  • Drug interactions – when to make a fuss
  • How to safely start, switch and stop antidepressants
  • Prescribing considerations in children and women transitioning from pregnancy to lactation
  • Toxicological risks of tattoos
  • Breakout rooms, essential networking opportunities and much, much more…

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22 Oct 2021

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Nurse Practitioners: Pharmacology and Prescribing Conference

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