Nurses - Bridge the Generation Gap in Your Workplace! Conference

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Why Attend

Challenge stereotypical views of the practice of different ages of nurses in your workplace. It is well known that many nurses will retire soon. To capture the benefit of experience, many stereotypes about different career stage nurses need to be challenged. Attend this conference to:

  • Think about your stereotyping of different age nurses in your workplace
  • Learn how to develop a culture that respects older nurses and new-graduates
  • What is the real difference between a novice and an expert?
  • Find out the types of shifts that work best for different career stages
  • Evidence­-based relaxation for all nurses’ health
  • Consider how staying in the workplace may be good for wellbeing and enhance patient care
Join the discussion, meet like minded nurses and be part of the solution! Book now to attend this timely conference!

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