24 - 25 Jun 2021

Disaster Nursing Conference

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Why Attend

What would be expected of you as a nurse if disaster struck? What do we mean by “disaster”? What is YOUR disaster management plan? Don’t wait to find out the answers! Attend this conference to hear stories from actual disasters and discover:

  • How are disasters classified?
  • What do people do in a disaster?
  • What is the immediate impact on essential systems?
  • What is a disaster plan?
  • How do you preserve evidence when a disaster occurs?
  • What is expected of nurses?
  • What is included in advanced trauma assessment and triage?
  • Tips for staying calm under pressure and much, much more…


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Coming Soon!


Speakers for this event are still being confirmed

Need for Program

All countries experience disasters of some kind and they are usually unpredictable. These include bush fires, floods, and terrorist attacks. They are highly disruptive and usually cause chaos, suffering, and death. In any such event, nurses are likely to be called upon to step up and act. They may be required to perform different roles to those of their daily work. Although most hospitals or workplaces will have an emergency management plan, understanding the bigger picture of disasters – including the essential practicalities and nursing skills required – will increase overall preparedness, disaster responsiveness, and personal resilience.

Purpose of Program

The purpose of this conference is to improve nurses’ professional preparedness in regard to disasters and their management

Your learning outcomes

  • Use knowledge of the “big picture” of disaster management to provide effective clinical leadership in times of disaster
  • Confidently prioritise your nursing care for maximum effect in a disaster situation
  • Apply holistic care that takes into account the psychological implications of a disaster once the dangers have passed
  • Participate in planning and post-incident debriefing to ensure effective disaster plans are maintained
24 - 25 Jun 2021

Disaster Nursing Conference

QRC: 4127
Mercure Hotel Brisbane
Brisbane, QLD, 4000
Price: $759.00