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The Brain Conference

Two-Day Conference for Nurses and Other Health Professionals


7 - 8 Dec 2020
Mercure Hotel Brisbane,
85-87 North Quay

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Why Attend

The brain is the most complex organ in the human body. Till this day, there is still little knowledge about its full capacity and abilities. While we recognise it as the powerhouse of the body, we understand that it is also fragile and prone to injury. Whether it be a car accident, a fall, blunt force trauma, or something less obvious, such as an infection. Understanding the impact on the brain can help us to better understand how to manage these injuries and provide the best quality care for these patients. Attend this timely conference and learn about...

  • The brain and all its glory
  • External force – traumatic brain injury and accidents
  • Infection – getting to the core of the brain injury
  • How to assess a patient post-seizure
  • Case studies and much, much more…
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    Day One

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    Day Two

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    The Goal

    Need for Program

    A brain injury can present in a patient in any healthcare setting. They can manifest in many different ways and, though some may not be obvious at first glance, it is essential that nurses are equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge and understanding of these brain injuries to provide the most appropriate care and reduce morbidity and mortality.

    Purpose of Program

    The purpose of this program is to improve awareness and care of people with a brain injury.

    Your learning outcomes:

    Improve knowledge of the brain and injuries that can occur
    Underpin patient outcomes with evidence-based practice, recognised standards, and guidelines
    Meet the care needs of a person with a brain injury
    Increase your ability to educate patients, carers, and colleagues in line with the latest evidence to ensure best outcomes


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    7 - 8 Dec 2020


    Mercure Hotel Brisbane
    85-87 North Quay
    Brisbane QLD,4000


    $759.00 (two days)
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