11h CPDConference

The Clotting Conference

Two-Day Conference for Nurses

The Clotting Conference


9 - 10 Nov 2020
Mercure Hotel Brisbane,
85-87 North Quay

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Why Attend

Although blood coagulation is a necessary and complex biological process that prevents haemorrhage, it is also a potentially lethal phenomenon. This essential conference explores blood clotting, which occurs no matter where you work in health care. This conference includes:

  • Caring for patients with post-thrombotic syndrome
  • Saddle pulmonary emboli
  • Factor V Leiden mutation
  • Anticoagulant medication updates
  • How to apply compression socks and stockings and much, much more…

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Day One

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Day Two

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The Goal

Need for Program

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care recognises that VTE is accountable for 10% of all hospital deaths. The cornerstone to prevention and better management of clotting disorders is to ensure that all nurses and other healthcare professionals have accessible current information which can be readily applied to practice. Enhancing your knowledge of clotting disorders can assist in preventing unwanted and untoward harm to patients.

Purpose of Program

The purpose of this conference is to provide nurses and other health professionals with education relating to specific clotting disorders in order to prevent harm and assist in the prevention of disability and premature death.

Your learning outcomes:

Know how to identify a person who manifests signs and symptoms of clot pathology and be able to rapidly assess and initiate appropriate treatment.
Know the latest evidence-based information about the prevention of DVT/PE and be able to apply this to your practice.
Apply your knowledge of anticoagulants medicines across the continuum of treatment to achieve optimum outcomes.
Integrate your new learning with previous skills and knowledge so as to provide better holistic nursing care.


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9 - 10 Nov 2020


Mercure Hotel Brisbane
85-87 North Quay
Brisbane QLD,4000


$759.00 (two days)
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