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The Immune System, Inflammation, and Cancer Conference

2 Days for All Nurses

The Immune System, Inflammation, and Cancer Conference - Melbourne 2020


12 - 13 Mar 2020
Oaks on Market,
60 Market St

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Why Attend

Why is it that our highly crafted immune system, which forms a defensive shield to protect our body and fight infections, can switch and become destructive? The answer may lie in inflammation. As research uncovers new links between the immune system, inflammation, and diseases, such as cancer, it’s essential that we, as health professionals, remain up-to-date on advances in modern medicine. Find out:

  • What is inflammation?
  • How does the immune system malfunction?
  • What are novel therapies in cancer treatment?
  • What does this mean for nurses working in areas such as critical care and oncology, haematology and palliative care?
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Day One

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The Goal

Need for Program

More and more research continues to reveal the fascinating links between the immune system, inflammation, and diseases, such as cancer. The exciting evidence is rapidly being translated into new treatments of diseases. However, an abundance of unproven information and pseudoscience exists in this space. Therefore, it is essential that all health professionals, and particularly nurses, are provided with opportunities to access evidence-based content if health outcomes and health literacy are to remain high.

Purpose of Program

To update health professionals on the emerging conditions associated with the immune system and its response to chronic inflammation and cancer so as to improve health outcomes.

Your learning outcomes:

Appraise various sources of information that relate to inflammation so your knowledge reflects best-available evidence
Provide correct information and education to people in your care, to enhance patient health literacy and adherence to treatment
Promote evidence-based preventative actions for people with health risks to enable them to avoid illness
Identify potential triggers and initiate early interventions to prevent infections in people undergoing novel cancer therapies


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12 - 13 Mar 2020


Oaks on Market
60 Market St
Melbourne VIC,3000


$759.00 (two days)
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