Trauma in Older Adults - Nursing Conference

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Why Attend

Seemingly trivial trauma can result in severe harm in older adults. As older adults represent a huge proportion of people that many nurses care for on a daily basis, understanding these vulnerabilities and how we can prevent unnecessary anguish is everyone’s responsibility. This conference looks at how nurses can prevent the consequences of trauma in older people. This conference looks at:

  • Why “routine” procedures can cause trauma in an older adult
  • How to assess an older adult following trauma
  • Speaking up against unnecessary interventions in older adults
  • Psychological impacts of trauma – PTSD in older adults
  • Calling out elder abuse
  • When wounds won’t heal…
  • Professional and legal obligations around advocacy and much, much more…
Attend this conference if you regularly care for older adults in any clinical setting, not just aged care. Book now!

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