Beating Burnout in Midwifery Seminar

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Why Attend

Are you feeling overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted? Are you struggling to gain the satisfaction you once received from practicing as a midwife? You are not alone if you are experiencing feelings of stress, burnout, and even compassion fatigue. This special seminar is designed to explore the causes and conditions that can lead to burnout in midwives and offers strategies and techniques to reduce burnout. Topics include:

  • How to counteract the impact of cumulative stress and vicarious trauma
  • Managing birthing expectations
  • The role that power, control, and politics play in midwifery
  • Managing the perception of medicolegal risk
  • How compassion for self and others can enhance the therapeutic relationship and decrease burnout
  • Tips for building psychological safety in your team and much, much more…
  • Don’t miss your chance to attend this popular seminar that is specifically designed for midwives. Book now!

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