Oncology: Anti-Cancer Treatments

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Why Attend

According to Cancer Council Australia, 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer by age 85. Nearly two thirds will survive more than five years meaning a significant proportion are at some stage likely to be cared for by nurses.  As newly discovered evidence for prevention and treatment of cancer is emerging faster than ever before, nurses need ‘knowledge pipelines’ to quickly inform them of changes to care. This program offers such a pipeline of knowledge in a tutorial environment.

Chemotherapy is a major treatment for people with cancer. Inherent in the use of chemotherapy are risks and other concerns that need to be managed. The aim of this seminar is to update nurses’ about the safe administration of chemotherapy and the special considerations associated with this treatment. Topics will include:

  • How does chemotherapy work?
  • What are the risks to the patient and the nurse?
  • Safe handling of chemotherapy
  • Patient education including hair loss
  • And much more...

What you will learn from attending this seminar:

  • The purpose and use of chemotherapy in cancer treatment
  • Common side effects of chemotherapy and its management
  • Educating patients about their special needs relating to treatment
  • Environment of care - staying safe when caring for people undergoing chemotherapy

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