11h CPDSeminar

Clinical Nurse Detective Seminar

Two-Day Seminar for Nurses


22 - 23 Jun 2020
Venue TBA, Melbourne
Melbourne VIC3000

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Why Attend

This highly interactive seminar will take you through different case studies involving different specialities. It requires you, the clinical detective, to consider why certain diagnostic tests, observations and procedures are undertaken.

As you move through the case studies, you’ll be able to confirm or eliminate potential clinical problems. You will be asked a series of questions throughout the sessions that will assist you and your learning. Learn about:

  • A surprising link between autoimmune disease and psychotic symptoms
  • An unexpected mimic in a mid-air diagnosis
  • A case of blood-like chocolate
  • An atypical reason for rectal bleeding
  • An itch you can't ignore and much, much more...

Need for Program

We use critical thinking skills and professional judgment on a daily basis in our practice. It is important that we continue to revise and strengthen these skills to ensure that we are able to recognise and respond to deteriorating patients and changes to conditions in a timely manner.

Purpose of Program

This seminar aims to enhance your critical thinking, assessment and problem-solving skills by working through case studies in order to identify and act on clinical conditions.

Your Learning Outcomes

  1. Connect signs and symptoms from a patient’s presentation and history with a possible health condition.
  2. Relate results from diagnostic tests that confirm a condition and immediate treatment recommended for the patient.
  3. Implement timely action based on interpretation of the data obtained from a comprehensive assessment of the patient.
  4. Identify expected outcomes for the patient related to the potential treatment and nursing management.


Day One

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Day Two

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