Ethical Issues in Healthcare Seminar

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Why Attend

As health professionals, every day and in every situation, we try and make the right decisions. We strive to and even pride ourselves on behaving in the right way. Most of us would argue that we intrinsically act in an ethical as well as professional manner. But, although intuition is involved, it is not sufficient. Ethical behaviour and ethical decision-making is a process. It incorporates values, opinions, perceptions, and personalities. Importantly, frameworks can assist us. This seminar will facilitate reflective practice by using relatable examples to explain what supports ethical behaviour and decision-making, including:

  • What does unethical decision-making look like?
  • How would you know if you or a colleague behaved in an unethical manner?
  • Is it ethical to be friends with patients through social media?
  • Futile treatment, euthanasia, and other ethical challenges
  • What to do when your value system is compromised …
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