10h 45m CPDSeminar

How to Manage People Seminar

2-Day Seminar for Nurses and Midwives


2 - 3 Dec 2019
The Lakes Resort Hotel Adelaide
141 Brebner Drive
West Lakes SA5021

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Why Attend

Becoming a nurse manager is often a daunting transition. Attend this interactive seminar to bolster your confidence and learn about:

  • Practical aspects of human resource management
  • The difference between management and leadership
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Making the most of meetings
  • Time, time, time – making it not losing it
  • Ethical decision-making
  • Having that difficult conversation and much more…

Need for Program

Studies have shown that nurse managers who are supportive have better retention of staff in their teams. They also lead the effort that underpins safe patient care. However, operational management in organisations involves a raft of competing demands and priorities. For the new nurse manager, it can be a significant challenge to blend knowledge and skills to nurture a healthy work environment as well as to meet organisational expectations. Acquiring relevant and practical education on core functions is crucial for new nurse managers to practice successfully.

Purpose of Program

The purpose of this seminar is to provide nurses with knowledge and tools for successful transition to and maintenance of a managerial role in their workplace.

Your Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply principles and practices for management within a care context that is ethical and promotes patient safety and achieves organisational goals
  2. Use a range of human resource management strategies to develop and maintain a clinical practice environment that is supportive and encourages professional development for all team members
  3. Balance management responsibilities within a planned decision framework that makes best use of time to meet best patient outcomes and quality improvement standards
  4. Learn strategies to attract and retain staff
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Day One

8:30am - Registration and Refreshments


What is the Function of a Nurse Manager?

The progression from a clinical to a managerial role involves a substantial commitment to learning new skills in order to be effective. These skills are easily learned. This session looks at why nurse managers are key to patient care and what the role entails. It includes:

  • Organising and engaging
  • Assessing and planning
  • Directing and guiding
  • Evaluating
  • Controlling and coordinating resources


Ethical Behaviour and Emotional Intelligence

“Creating a moral community in which people can be involved and there is coherence is one of the most important ethical obligations of a nurse manager” (Hardingham, 2008, p.17). Let’s discuss:

  • What is emotional intelligence?
  • How does it relate to ethical decision-making?
  • How can decisions, such as resource allocation, be considered ethical decisions?

10:30am - Morning Tea


Human Resource Management (HR) – Practical Aspects

HR refers to the management of employees by an organisation for best outcomes. This session looks at how this role relates to nurse managers and includes:

  • Job descriptions
    • What is the function and purpose of a job description?
    • What are the main components of a job description?
    • What is the legal status of a job description?
  • Rostering
    • What is the nurse manager’s responsibility in regard to rostering staff?


Performance Review and Staff Appraisal

In this session, you will learn the principles of conducting a performance appraisal. It will show you how to conduct an appraisal correctly so as to achieve the desired outcome. It includes:

  • Preparing for an effective review
  • Documentation required
  • Conducting the appraisal
  • Rewarding staff
  • How to engage in corrective action
  • Writing a negative report

12:45pm - Lunch and Networking


Teams – What You Need to Know

Teams are fundamentally unstable and, therefore, need continuous synchronising, monitoring, and management. In this session you will consider the difficulties all staff encounter in teamwork and how this affects your management expectations. It includes:

  • Is there such a thing as a functioning team?
  • What are the realities of team relationships?
  • What makes a team dysfunctional?
  • When staff are coming and going e.g. managing agency staff
  • Should you include patients in healthcare teams?


How to Give Orders and Get Things Done

Are you confident to give orders to your staff? Giving orders should not be confused with aggressive or dominant behaviour. Sometimes, it is critical to be clear, precise, and firm in your communication and to expect the staff member to follow through on your instruction. It includes:

  • Growing your confidence
  • The language of assertion
  • How to resist pushback

3:15pm - Afternoon Tea


Managing Hostility and Passive Aggression

Hostility is a fact of life and nurse managers will inevitably be confronted with this issue at some time in their work. Knowing what to do and how to nip this in the bud and manage the problem are key skills. Learn:

  • What the predictors of hostility and aggressive behaviour look like
  • How the aggression cycle manifests
  • Identifying passive aggression and managing it
  • How to get staff to manage relative concerns appropriately

4:45pm - Close of Day One of Seminar

Day Two

9:00am - Commencement of Day Two


Practical Managers Toolbox

This session looks at what every manager needs in there toolbox. It includes:

  • Time Management Tips

There is never enough time … However, there are ways you can save time. This short session will offer some useful tips to streamline your working day.

  • Identifying time wasters
  • How to prioritise
  • How to say no
  • Making Meetings Effective

Meetings, meetings – although critical, they can also be useless if not managed well. This session will look at how you can conduct an effective meeting. It includes:

  • When to use agendas and how to construct them
  • Keeping order
  • Minutes taking
  • Following up
  • Delegating for Results

Delegation is not simply giving work to others. There are many considerations that must be taken into account when delegating. It includes:

  • Establishing your needs
  • What you must never delegate
  • Communication and follow up

10:30am - Morning Tea


Budgeting Essentials – What You Need to Know

Understanding budgets and how they work is increasingly important for all those who work in health. Even if you have not been allocated a budget, it is essential you understand how health costs impact on your work and patient care. This session will give you an overview of how health system finance works. It includes:

  • How is healthcare financed in Australia?
  • How are nurses funded?
  • How do you put forward your case for more resources?


Reporting and Recording

In today’s world, data is everything and you may have to routinely collect data at the request of others in your work environment. This interactive session will look at some of the ways data is used and how it could benefit you.

12:30pm - Lunch and Networking


Managing Risk

Risk is all around us. How we manage and deal with risk relates directly to the quality of care we provide. This short session looks at:

  • Why things go wrong
  • Incident forms
  • Managing untoward events


Managing Change

Change is constant but often overwhelming. As a result, pushback on new ways of doing things is to be expected. In this session, we will look at:

  • Brief theories of change
  • Breaking staff rituals
  • Implementing new knowledge – the manager’s role
  • Dealing with those who will not change

3:00pm - Afternoon Tea and Coffee


Trust and Authenticity – How to Build it and Not Lose It

Management should operate in a framework of social justice. This session looks at the importance of trust and authenticity in building a workplace where harmony and fairness flourish.

4:00pm - Close of Seminar and Evaluations

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Andrew Crowther

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