11h CPDSeminar

Infant Mental Health in Practice Seminar

Two-Day Seminar for Nurses and Other Health Professionals


28 - 29 Oct 2021
Venue TBA, Sydney
Sydney NSW2000

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Why Attend

Nurses and midwives who understand how the early formative years of an infant’s life are so critical to the prevention of life-long mental health problems are an essential asset to our community. This highly interactive learning experience focuses on:

  • Defining infant mental health
  • Why parent-infant attachment matters
  • Video – “The Still Face Experiment”
  • Separation anxiety – what is and is not harmful
  • What does a baby’s cry mean? Interpreting the sounds…
  • How babies learn to self-regulate and soothe themselves
  • Controlled crying – good or bad...
  • The connection between crying and child abuse
  • Practical strategies to assist you with infants at risk
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    Need for Program

    Mental wellbeing and the healthy development of humans throughout life are increasingly being understood to commence before birth. It is now known that the perinatal and infancy period is extremely significant in laying down a person’s emotional and physical resilience. If infants have a disordered attachment or fail to thrive in this critical period of their life, the consequences may be long-term and potentially catastrophic. However, few health professionals have the opportunity to access relevant education that adequately addresses the mental health of infants.

    Purpose of Program

    The purpose of this program is to offer nurses and other mental health professionals an interactive opportunity to learn about the promotion of infant mental health in day-to-day practice.

    Your Learning Outcomes

    1. Know why infant mental health has become a priority area of child development
    2. Be able to explain how the infant’s lived experience is an essential consideration for their long-term mental health when working with mothers and babies
    3. Enable a proactive approach to be initiated with new parents that promotes infant mental health
    4. Implement ways to improve processes within your workplace that encourage infant mental health


    Day One

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    Day Two

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