3 Aug 2021

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Nurses and midwives who work with mothers and babies are often asked what to do when babies remain unsettled. This program gives you insight into this problem and arms you with a raft of resources to help mothers and babies cope. It includes:

  • Why do babies cry?
  • What is the ‘Period of PURPLE Crying®’ and do all babies go through this period?
  • When is crying considered excessive?
  • What does babies crying mean? Interpreting the sounds…
  • How do babies learn to self regulate and soothe themselves?
  • Infant crying and the passage to sleep. How do they learn?
  • Controlled crying – good or bad?
  • Which strategies can families try?
  • What is the connection between crying and child abuse?

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3 Aug 2021

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The Unsettled Baby Seminar

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