Violent and Aggressive Patients: How to Protect Yourself at Work Seminar

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Why Attend

Have you ever felt that your physical safety at work was compromised? Are you worried that your next shift may expose you to unnecessary abuse and intimidation? Perhaps you’re still dealing with the emotional trauma of a previous hostile incident. You are not alone!

Nurses across Australia are currently exposed to unacceptably high levels of occupational aggression and violence. This is not only affecting our physical and emotional health but it is impacting our ability to provide patient care. This program complements a range of system-wide changes that are being implemented around the country. You will learn about:

  • How to build your own knowledge and skills to keep yourself safe at work
  • The subtle, early signs of pending violent behaviour
  • Easy ways to de-escalate aggressive behaviour safely
  • Break and escape moves
  • What to say if you are threatened or abused
  • Tips on debriefing after a critical incident
  • How to stay safe when workplace violence exists

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