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A Crucial Commodity: A Filippino Perspective

"When faced with a shortage of trained nusse in their own countries, developed nations aggressively sought nurses from the Philippines where the education of nurses for export had long been an acceptable economic and labour market strategy. Ironically, however, nurses from the Philippines are eager to provide excellent healthcare services to an international population in need of assistance but are unable to find hte opportunity. It seems preposterous that, while most countries struggle to meet a growing demand for nursing care, hudnres of thoughsands of nurses in the Philippines are unemployed, unable to find a job in their own coutnry or elsewhere..."

The worldwide shortage is expected, both currently and prospectively, to create a situation of increasing urgency. This naturally encourages a supply-demand style economics equation with relation to nurses and their demand. However, this equation transcends borders due to the global impact of the nursing shortage. Answering the question as to 'why the world needs nurses', lawyer Andrew Fornier provides and interesting analysis of this situation. In his chapter, the reader develops an understanding as to the situation of these commodified nurses by looking to the case study of Filippino nurses. Further, he provides a sociological commentary about the current situation of these Filippino nurses in so far as they are paradoxically struggling to find work in a world with an unsatiated demand for them. 

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