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A Doctor's Perspective on Nurses

"The fact of the matter is that while a bad nurse can make a doctor's life difficult, a competent nurse can make it infinitely easier and vastly improve the quality of medical care provided, regardless of the area. Doctors simply could not function in this day and age without the tremendous value provided by the nurses surrounding them..."

The tensions and relationship between a doctor and nurse is one of significant interest - particularly given the well-known traditionalist superiority stance historically transient throughout many health care settings. With this knowledge in mind, Dr Beth Hodges provides a doctor's perspective as to why our world needs nurses. In a logical, realistic manner, she outlines the indispesablity a competent nurse has for a doctor's effective administration of health care.

More specfically, Dr Hodges considers nurses in their breadth - by looking at common areas of nursing practice; and the help they provide in those domains. Some examples include the:

Contents include

  • Hospital Unit Nurse
  • Outpatient Office Nurse
  • Home Health or Hospice Nurse; &
  • Corporate/Occupational Health Nurse
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Author / Editor Biographies

Palliative & Aged Care
Dr Beth Hodges, a practising family physician, lives with her husband and three children in a small, rural town in North Carolina, USA, where she and her husband opened a medical practice 11 years ago. They provide medical care in the outpatient setting but still do all their own hospital work and manage patients in a nursing home. Now with two practice locations and five providers, Beth is also the medical director for a hospice organisation, overseeing patients in four different counties. They enjoy the variety of work as it keeps their lives very interesting.

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