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Aged Care in the New Millennium - Retrospect & Prospect

The past decade in aged care has been one of considerable ferment and challenge in relation to the growing demands on health and social services from an increasingly ageing Australian population, the gradually rising profile of ageing as a national and international social policy issue and the increasingly proactive stance of the aged as a political constituency in their own right. In 1996, in a period of increasing demand, Australia made a philosophical shift in how aged care was to be provided and who would be primarily responsible for providing that care. This chapter elaborates on basic demographic trends in terms of the growing demand and increasing dependency, how the pattern of services has evolved and how key issues remain to be solved and elaborated in Australia's aged services.

Contents include

  • Australia’s ageing: a comparative perspective
  • Estimating the needs for services
  • Manageability of Australia’s ageing population
  • Evolution of Australia’s health care system
  • A national strategy for an ageing Australia
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Author / Editor Biographies

Elizabeth Ozanne coordinates the Ageing and Long Term Care Research Unit in the School of Social Work at The University of Melbourne. Recently Elizabeth completed three substantial research projects on disability in late life. At present she is completing a monograph comparing the long-term care systems of five countries, drawing out implications for Australia.

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