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Ageing at Home: Practical Approaches to Community Care

This book is an ambitious attempt to bring together information about the many different types of services currently available and accessible to people in their own home, and what can be expected of them. A perpetual dilemma faced by the service provider in whatever skill area is the need to recognise the opportunities open to encourage the further ‘ripening’ of the older person … in the face of what may be judged as decreasing abilities.

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Contents include

  • Aged care in the new millennium — retrospect and prospect
  • Normal ageing
  • Holistic care: why and how
  • Legal and ethical issues and their impact on the care of the ageing person in the community
  • Cultural issues: their impact on the health and care of the ageing person
  • Ageing people giving and receiving care
  • Medication and the ageing person
  • The impact of falls on older people: how to assess the risks and implement prevention strategies
  • Incontinence
  • Sustaining supportive networks: the challenge of continued community living for older people with intellectual disability
  • Diabetes and its impact on the ageing person
  • Mental health and the older citizen
  • Parkinson’s disease and brain attack
  • Wounds and leg ulcer care for ageing people
  • Responding to dementia

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Author / Editor Biographies

RN, RM, DipAppSc (CH, M&CH), BAppSc (Advanced Nursing), MA (Education) and FCNA.
Theresa Cluning has worked in many roles within acute hospitals, residential care, community health, community case management, academia and management. Her colleagues have become her friends, and as she believes she never stops learning from others, she acknowledges the support and the sharing of knowledge she has received in every area she has worked. She says her story is typical of baby-boomer generation nurses. She began her hospital training in the 1960s and since then has nursed in hospitals, aged care facilities and community settings. Theresa has always enjoyed grass roots nursing pra...


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