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American Experience, The

  • Understand the drivers that caused managed care to become popular in the US;
  • Understand the process of transition to managed care
  • Understand the importance of documentation in defining nursing practice and demonstrating value
  • Want to explore the use of standardised tools to better document nursing tasks and duties;
  • Question how and why tools can and should be incorporated daily to streamline care delivery

This chapter will provide a brief history of the transition to managed health care in the United States and outline the implications for Australian nurses, especially in relation to demands for increased documentation practices. It will also motivate nurses to participate in improving health care delivery and community wellness and be willing to participate in the development and evaluation of global documentation tools to create a unified standard of care.

Contents include

  • Background To The American Experience
  • Types Of Us Nursing Documentation Systems
    • Care Management
    • Case Management
    • Outcomes Measurement And Benchmarking
  • Documentation And Litigation
  • Documentation Tools (Methodologies And Standards)
    • Nursing Intervention Classification System
    • Nursing Outcomes Classification System
  • Using Technology: Nursing Informatics
    • Computerised Records And Smart Health-Cards
  • Accreditation And Regulatory Implications
  • Implications For Australian Nursing Documentation
  • References
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Mary Nordenson received a Bachelor of Science of Nursing degree from the University of Iowa in 1971 and a Masters in Health Management from St Thomas of Villanova in 1986. With more than two decades of service as a health care professional, Mary has proven expertise in managing and coordinating utilisation and care management and facility operations. She has participated in, or been project director for, numerous national benchmarking and consortium studies in such fields as capitation, purchasers' buying decisions for children's specialty services, outpatient services facility design efficien...

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