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Angels of Mercy: Nurses on the Battlefield

"Among the deeds of carnage, a soldier often finds another pair of hands, protecting and comforting, not only in spite of this soiled world, but right in the middle of it. Those hands belong to a nurse..."

This echapter looks at the topic of 'needing nurses' from a more historical perspective. By profiling and exploring significant nurses from varying points in history, the angelic and humanitarian attributes of nurses are unequivocally identified. A book on the 'worldwide' perspectives on nurses means that those nurses referenced in this chapter hail from a variety of locations and eras - from the Crimean War to the First & Second World Wars; the American Civil War to the Vietnam War.

Contents include

  • Florence Nightingale;
  • Dorothea Dix;
  • Nurse Edith Cavell;
  • Clara Barton; &
  • Sister Vivian Bullwinkel; (to name but a few)...
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Author / Editor Biographies

Robert Manley, a freelance writer who lives and works in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Northern California, has experienced first hand the trials and tribulations of nursing school when a family member successfully completed a four-year Bachelor's program in less than three years. Robert writes and reports on the business and governmental aspects of healthcare in the United States - an area that particularly interests him. He has won awards for journalism from the New Jersey Press Association, has written seven original feature length screenplays including 'Maggie's Gift' and 'The Popsicle Boneyard',...

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