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Being Positive

  • Describes the various problems and deficits of Alzheimer's Disease and how to look beyond this negative picture and focus on the person
  • Personal recounts of the author's own experience with her mother and the disease
  • Lists and provides examples of what someone with Alzheimer's is still capable of
  • Summarises various abilities one needs to keep in touch with someone with Alzheimer's

This chapter initially deals briefly with the highly negative picture of Alzheimer's disease, and moves on to countering this with explaining the need to keep sight of the person, rather than the disease. It also emphasises the many things that someone with Dementia can still do, despite the effects of their condition.

Contents include

  • Looking beyond the negative picture of Alzheimer's disease
    • An added burden - the negative side of the picture
    • Seeing the person instead of the disease
  • Recognising what someone with Alzheimer's can still do
    • Demonstrating the other side of the picture
    • Saying and doing something appropriate
    • Drawing on our memory for often repeated words and actions
    • Such memories may explain otherwise bizarre behaviour
    • The crucial role of such memories when other means fail
    • Negative reactions may be appropriate too - in the circumstances
    • Dementing - but still able to think
    • Still able to feel and to express emotion
    • A sense of humour
  • Summing up - the abilities needed for keeping in touch
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Author / Editor Biographies

Dr Jane Crisp lectures in communication, media studies and women's studies. Her experiences with her own mother, who is now in an advanced stage of dementia, first suggested to her the possibility of drawing on her professional background to help people who are dementing and those who care for them. For the last five years Jane has been working on the language of people who are dementing and on strategies for making sense of this language. She has given talks on this work and had articles published both in Australia and overseas. During 1994 she spent six months in France, meeting and exchangi...

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