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Best Practice

  • Discusses evidence-based health care (EHBC) in relation to wound management
  • Describes quantitative research, including how to rank evidence
  • Refers to qualitative research and non-researched based evidence
  • Summarises best practice in wound management
  • Explains standards and clinical practice guidelines

This chapter describes the necessary elements for 'best practice' in wound care. It informs nurses on the appropriate practice that accounts for the needs of the individual, recognises clinical expertise, and incorporates the best available research-based evidence.

Contents include

  • Evidence-based health care
  • Evidence in wound management
  • Quantitative research
    • Ranking evidence
    • Systematic reviews
    • Meta-analyses
  • Qualitative research
  • Non-research based evidence: expert opinion
  • Determining best practice
  • Standards and clinical practice guidelines
    • Standards
    • Clinical practice guidelines
  • Policies and procedures
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