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Breaking Bad News

  • Defines 'bad news'
  • Explains how nurses can break the bad news to their patient and family members
  • Provides an easy-to-read table on how to respond to reactions to the bad news
  • Lists and explains ways to help lessen the impact of the bad news
  • Describes the patients varied responses and how nurses can also deal with their own feelings about bad news

This chapter highlights some of the concerns of nurses dealing with the sensitive area of breaking bad news. Suggestions are provided as to the process that might be followed, yet to use skills as nurses to determine what is most appropriate in any given situation is also encouraged.

Contents include

  • What is bad news and how do nurses know when they are communicating it?
  • A process
  • The impact of bad news
  • Prior information
    • The demeanor of the communicator
    • The physical environment
    • The words used
    • The time taken to convey the information
    • Barriers in communication
  • Reactions to bad news
  • Caring for ourselves
  • References
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