• Includes first aid techniques for appropriate wound care
  • Criteria for assessing whether specialised burns treatment is required
  • Discusses the important responses to burn injury
  • Teaches how to estimate the burn area using Wallace's 'rule of nines'
  • Includes the terminology used for describing burn wound depth
  • Outlines how best to manage burn wounds in terms of cleansing the wound, dressing the wound, preventing infection, and more

Wound management in a burn-injured person is an evolving process. Clinical practice is dictated by the pathophysiology of the burn wound, the process of wound healing, and the factors that affect wound healing. This chapter provides information on the care of burn wounds to enable nurses to facilitate best outcomes for the person.

Contents include

  • First aid
  • Specialised burns treatment
  • Response to burn injury
    • Tissue destruction
    • Burn wound oedema
  • Estimation of burn area
    • Wallace's 'rule of nines'
    • Lund & Browder chart
    • Palmar method
  • Depth of burn wound
  • Burn wound management
    • Aims of care
    • Blisters
    • Eschar
    • Wound cleansing
    • Wound dressings
    • Wound infection
    • Management of superficial (epidermal) burns
    • Management of superficial (dermal) burns
    • Management of partial thickness (mid-dermal and deepdermal) burns
    • Management of full-thickness burns
    • Management of circumferential burns
    • Management of burn itch
    • Scar management
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OAM RN, RM, BNsc, Op cert.
Advanced Clinical Service Coordinator Adult Burns Service, Royal Adelaide Hospital. She has been the Nurse in Charge of the Burns Unit since 1996. In this position she has helped lead the Burns Unit twice in achieving the prestigious position as the only American Burn Association Verified Burn centre outside of North America. Sheila was the only nurse member of the Royal Adelaide Hospital Burns Assessment team that was sent to Darwin in October 2002 to assist in the care of the survivors of the Bali bombing. This was the first time a Burns Assessment Team had been activated in Australia. Shei...

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