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Care of Gastrostomy Tube

  • Discussion of the geometry of a tube
  • Includes an illustrated diagram of the components of a gastrostomy tube
  • Provides a comprehensive list of commonly encountered problems with gastrostomy tubes
  • Tabulated summary of methods for clearing a blocked gastrostomy tube
  • Includes a relevant case study

Most problems encountered with gastrostomy tubes can be prevented if attention is paid to the proper care and maintenance of the tube. This chapter discusses the common problems encountered when managing gastrostomy tubes and the likely causes of these problems. The chapter also offers suggestions to reduce (or prevent) their occurrence.

Contents include

  • Geometry of a tube
  • Commonly encountered problems
    • Tube blockage
    • Tube displacement
    • 'Buried bumper' syndrome
    • Spontaneous balloon deflation
    • Build-up of gas
    • Damage to the tube
  • Case study
  • Conclusion
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Catherine Edgar is a registered nurse who holds a diploma in applied science (nursing), a graduate diploma in neurosciences, and a master's degree in nursing studies. She is a member of the Royal College of Nursing, Australia. Catherine's professional background is in rehabilitation, education and aged-care nursing. She has worked as a clinical nurse specialist, clinical consultant, quality manager, and unit manager. Catherine has been involved in nurse education as a clinical teacher and associate lecturer at RMIT University and Deakin University (both Victoria, Australia). She is currently a...

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