Care Plans

Care plans are prescriptions for nursing care and have a critical role in determining the daily health and wellbeing of those for whom they are written. They need to be specific and unambiguous so that the care plan directions can be carried out explicitly, even in the absence of the original author. There are several considerations that are required to be incorporated into the development of these documents, and this chapter explores how and why these need to be clearly understood in order that nurses can formulate clear, legally valid plans that are beneficial to those in their care.

Contents include

  • What are care plans?
  • Associated documents
  • Nursing diagnosis or issue
  • Person-centred objectives
  • Evaluation or review dates
  • Electronic care plans
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Sue is a Nurse Consultant and Educator. She has substantial experience working as a clinical, manager and teacher in both the private and public health care sectors. As well, she has worked as Director of Nursing of a residential aged care facility, clinical nursing in corrections health and regular night nursing shifts. She is well known as an informed, humourous and interesting teacher on a range of professional topics relevant to all levels of nursing.

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