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Careers and Opportunities: Complementary Therapies and Future Nursing

In the current climate of commercialisation and the seduction of science, it is clear that the medical field is far from immune to the pressures of commerce and economics. As a result, the character of healthcare, and the role of various healthcare workers is ultimately changing and adapting, either within the current health field, or in alternative areas. The past decade has seen a strong contingent of nurses choosing to progress and diversify for a number of reasons, including an attempt to attain job satisfaction following disenchantment with the current health system. In addition, it has also become necessary to diversify in order to meet the increasing needs of a general public that is searching for holistic health rather than treatment of symptoms. Some nurses have felt the need to unite personal philosophies and lifestyle with health care. The changes in society mean the potential for nurses, and nursing, in complementary therapies is increasingly positive, immense and certainly diverse. This chapter explores many interesting possibilities for nurses and midwives attracted to expanding their practice with complementary therapies.

Contents include

  • from humble beginnings
  • holistic multidisciplinary practice
  • industrial nursing
  • hospital practice: long term and acute care
  • hospital in a home
  • aged care.
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Author / Editor Biographies

Sue Cechner's varied nursing career has included being charge sister of a plastic surgery unit, sister-in-charge of the cardio-thoracic unit and a nurse educator at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, and working in several London hospitals. She spent ten years on Bougainville Island in Papua New Guinea. For the past eighteen years Sue has been involved in the aged care industry, previously as a director of nursing (in Victoria and NSW). She combines her role in aged care with facilitating workshops and running a successful complementary therapies practice. Her career path has been very important to...

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