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Caregiver Support

  • Defines key terms
  • Lists and explains various issues encountered by oncology nurses as carers
  • Describes support mechanisms for nurses as caregivers
  • Discusses various issues encountered by significant others as carers
  • Guides nurses how to aid and support significant others as caregivers

This chapter offers practical suggestions that nurses may utilise to support themselves, each other and significant others. Some are orientated toward the self, others are suggested in support of others. It suggests that if nurses offer and receive the support necessary to function, care of the oncology client, although challenging, will remain a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Contents include

  • Defining key terms
  • Various issues encountered by oncology nurses as carers
    • Economic constraints and increased workloads
    • Grief
  • Support for nurses as caregivers
    • Maintaining good health
    • Acknowledging the emotional impact of caring for oncology clients and their significant others
    • Sharing responsibility
    • Encouraging managers to be accessible
    • Continuing with education
    • Debriefing
    • Maintaining a professional relationship with clients
    • Developing support networks
    • Seeking help
    • Having fun
  • Various issues encountered by significant others as carers
  • Support for significant others as caregivers
    • Ensuring accessibility to the client on admission to hospital
    • Communicating effectively
    • Assesing the needs of significant others and refer them on
    • Providing education and information
    • Encouraging interaction with clients at all times
    • Encouraging significant others to treat themselves
  • References
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Author / Editor Biographies

RN, BSc and BN (Hons).
After completing his science degree in 1989, Cameron returned to university in 1992 to study nursing, and graduated with honours. Upon obtaining his nurse registration he worked in an oncology/haematology unit which inspired his honours study. His project, titled 'How nurses interact with significant others when an oncology patient dies', considered interactions that occurred between nurses and the significant others of oncology clients. The aim of the study was to identify supportive strategies oncology nurses employed with significant others at and around the time of a client's death. Camero...

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