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Caring (for a Person with Cancer)

  • Background information on caring as a research topic is provided
  • 'Caring' is defined and clarified
  • The authors study of the exploration of the phenomenon of caring within the practice of oncology is described in detail
  • Guidance is listed and detailed explanations are given of the 15 main themes of caring
  • Case and academic studies are provided as evidence and tools to aid explanation

This chapter provides thorough analysis of caring and further clarifies what that indeed includes. The author gives personal insight to her definition of caring and lists the main themes she deems to be most relevant and important to a patient, which can be administered through nurses' caring abilities. Case studies and academic evidence are given to substantiate all of the author's comments.

Contents include

  • Background
  • My Study
    • Establishing relationships and providing comfort
    • Assisting in decision making
    • Administering patient treatments
    • Supporting, alleviating suffering , managing pain
    • Maintaining patient privacy
    • Empowering patients/families
    • Ethical Issues
    • Anticipating patient needs
    • 'Being with' the patient and conveying acceptance
    • Sharing self
    • Encouraging inter-disciplinary teamwork
    • Other issues
  • References
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