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Caring for People with Problem Behaviours

The message of this book is:"It's not the person that is the problem, it's the person's behaviour." That message was so well received by the readers of the first edition of this book that this second edition has been produced.

Caring for People with Problem Behaviours aims to assist nurses and other health workers and carers to learn practical approaches to people who present with difficult behaviours. In fact, this book will be of assistance to any workers whose jobs require them to deal with people.

In Caring for People with Problem Behaviours , Bernadette Keane and Carolyn Dixon provide a Behavioural Change Model that is solution-focused. It concentrates on finding a solution to a problem and setting that solution in place by way of a partnership between the carer and the person with the behavioural problem -- difficulties are recognised and solutions are achieved; success is acknowledged and rewarded. 

Within this kind of positive context, many people can be supported in their efforts to develop behaviours that are more fulfilling for themselves and for those around them. It is made clear, however, that this is a co-operative model, which means it cannot be applied where comprehension is absent.

Overall, this book is a basic, practical text for nurses, health workers and others who are learning to manage difficult and challenging behaviours.

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Contents include

  • Entirely relevant to anyone who works with people.
  • This second edition now includes a chapter including dementia.
  • A self-instructional learning package with numerous learning activities and explanatory illustrations.
  • Enables anyone, finding themselves in the role of a carer, to profoundly improve the emotional and psychological health of people in distress
  • Focuses on the way people think, feel and behave and how these activities can lead to problems.
  • Offers a Solution-focused Behavioural Change Model

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Author / Editor Biographies

Bernadette Keane is a highly experienced nurse educator who lectured for nine years in the psychiatric nursing programs conducted at Royal Park Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. In addition to psychiatry, her clinical background and qualifications include medical, surgical, midwifery and infant welfare areas of care. In 1982, as a Kellogg Nursing Fellow, she studied at the University of California, San Francisco. Since then she has published journal articles and textbook chapters on health care and professional issues. In 1986 Bernadette launched her private practice, called Continuing Educati...
Carolyn Dixon was, from 1995 to early 1999, the psychiatric clinical nurse consultant in the Emergency Department of St Vincent's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. Her work there began as a project to study the effectiveness of this innovative role. Carolyn is a trained psychiatric and general nurse who has worked in hospital, education and community settings both in Australia and overseas. It was while she was working as a nurse teacher at Royal Park Hospital in Melbourne that she first worked with Bernadette Keane. Carolyn has presented a number of conference papers on aspects of psychiatric...


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