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Charting the Waters of Client's Emotions

  • Explains the importance of documenting clients' emotions and how this can be done, using a thorough list of 'feeling' words
  • Includes a relevant case study to enhance understanding of the processes involved in determining a patient's emotional status
  • Advises on when to document a patients' emotional status
  • Informs on problem-orientated (SOAP) documentation
  • Advises on how to document difficult emotions and handle suicidal clients using the 'SAD PERSONS' scale and also describes some facts and myths associated with suicide

This chapter emphasises the importance of including clients' subjective or emotional responses in nursing documentation. Whether your client is an in-patient in a general or psychiatric hospital, a resident in a nursing home or a community health client, documenting their emotional status helps inform other team members, so the most appropriate care can be planned and implemented.

Contents include

  • Why Document Clients' Emotions?
    • Holistic Care
  • How To Document Clients' Emotions
    • The Human Emotional Palette
    • When To Document
    • Narrative Progress Notes
    • Problem-Oriented (Soap) Documentation
  • How To Document Difficult Emotions
    • Difficult Emotions To Listen To
    • The Suicidal Client
  • In Summary
  • References
  • Suggested Reading
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Author / Editor Biographies

Graduate Diploma of Adult Education, Postgraduate Diploma of Advanced Clinical Nursing (Psychiatric) lecturer.
Rhonda Goodwin began her nursing career in Canada in 1972. She obtained a Graduate Diploma of Adult Education in 1991 from the University of Melbourne. Rhonda has been lecturing in the specialist area of psychiatric nursing for seven years and is currently employed by the University of Melbourne as a lecturer in the postgraduate Diploma of Advanced Clinical Nursing (Psychiatric).

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